Macro 4 recognizes that no matter how committed organizations are to cost reduction through performance improvements, often there are just not enough hours in the day.
Too many major projects need to be delivered by too few people and it is difficult to dedicate additional time and resources to proactive performance improvement.

Poor database and SQL performance can lead to significant business costs. Database accesses are often a major factor leading to high MIPS usage and poor response times. Excessive MIPS consumption costs money and poor response times can reduce staff efficiency and cause inconvenience to customers.

ExpeTune DB is focused on helping users manage DB2 performance, and in particular Dynamic DB2 workload, most effectively.

ExpeTune DB for z/OS delivers benefits in three principle areas:

  • Optimize your business efficiency and promote MIPS recovery
  • ExpeTune DB can help identify SQL and DB2 inefficiencies
  • Sustain cost reduction through MIPS usage management and improved application response times

Dynamic SQL originating from other platforms can have a major impact. ExpeTune DB can identify the dynamic SQL responsible for peak MIPS usage, or high overall CPU burn.

Ensure your roll-outs and upgrades go smoothly

  • ExpeTune DB can healthcheck your applications’ use of DB2
  • ExpeTune DB can help prevent problems with a DB2 upgrade

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