C-Net Systems highly valued partners in the Nordic region are:


Macro 4, with head office and development centres located in the United Kingdom, is a leading independent developer of systems software solutions for all major computing environments. Macro4 has over 40 years of experience providing innovative and successful computing solutions that meet real business requirements. Every Macro 4 solution is designed to help customers make the most of their IT infrastructure in the quest for commercial advantage. Macro 4 offers solution in the following major areas:

Application Availability
– In today’s IT driven world, the mainframe is a key component. It supports and helps to drive many organizations’ most critical applications and data. Macro 4 specializes in providing solutions that help users design, build, manage and improve these vital elements.

Document Management
– Our Document Management solutions make the information readily available to drive business processes to improve cashflow, customer service and retention, compliance and audit, and employee productivity, while controlling and reducing costs. More than 1.200 customers worldwide rely on Macro 4 for Document Management.

Application Performance
– We use our expertise as application performance specialists to deliver a range of solutions which address the application performance challenges faced by organisations in today’s complex multi-server, multi-platform environments.

MIPS Reduction
– We are offering mainframe users a short term consultancy project which guarantees to achieve processing power savings worth at least twice the value of its fee, or they will not be charged.

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Macro 4 is a division of  Unicom Global.

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SoftLanding Systems, World Class Solutions for IBM i and Power Systems.

Building on over 25 years of industry expertise, SoftLanding Systems is a leading provider of IBM i software and systems management solutions that underpin application development such as Application Lifecycle Management, Enterprise Content Management, Performance Management, Automated Operations and Centralized System Access and Control.

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Applied Expert Systems, AES, has since 1991  focused on the development of network performance and availability Business Service Management solutions. Through its strong emphasis on listening to customers, foreseeing far-reaching trends in the marketplace, and providing stellar support systems, AES continues to maintain its lead in providing state-of-the-art, easy-to-use performance tools, specializing in supporting the infrastructures for Cloud Computing and Virtualization to ensure that Application Service Levels can be delivered.

AES Mission Statement:

To provide our customers with the world’s best and most innovative Business Service Management solutions, technologies, and customer support.

Powered by excellent people and technology, we are a customer-driven, high-performance company. We deliver CLEVER Solutions in support of the infrastructures for Cloud Computing and Virtualization to ensure that Application Service Levels can be delivered.

What do the ultimate infrastructure performance solutions for the multi-architecture cloud enabled business offer?

  • Real-time intelligence
  • Analytical capabilities
  • Faster datacenter consolidation
  • Support for virtualized environments
  • Cloud services monitoring
  • Multi-architecture convergence readiness
  • IPv6 readiness
  • Increased mobile access

Do your current monitoring tools meet these demanding requirements?

AES solutions increases your company’s network infrastructure performance and availability.

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