Delivering innovation, expertise, experience and value where it makes the biggest impact on your most critical applications.

Macro 4 has an outstanding track record as a provider of application performance monitoring and measurement software tools.

Poorly performing applications are extremely costly. It takes significant internal resources to find performance issues, and all the time you have performance issues, your customers are suffering.

Macro 4 provides a range of solutions for mainframe and distributed environments. They are focused on enabling organisations to isolate application centric performance issues easily and quickly, often in minutes rather than hours or even days.

Our leading solution for Java environments is the Application Performance Portal (A.P.P.). This innovative solution has an extremely small footprint and is well suited to ‘always-on’ production environments.

The solution has been built using the latest technologies available. The user interface is unrivalled both in terms of ease of use and flexibility and its powerful capabilities can be used by personnel across multiple job functions and with differing levels of technical ability. The integrated user collaboration facilities allow users in different locations to share information instantly, working from a common reference point.

Our comprehensive ExpeTune suite (ExpeTune, FreezeFrame, ExpeTune DB) meets the application performance tuning and capacity planning requirements of mainframe data centers. Macro 4’s ExpeTune suite quickly identifies the performance hotspots in application code and is a significant aid in improving batch elapsed times and interactive response times, as well as helping to reduce the data centre’s total MIPS requirements.