To address this need, Macro 4 provides the ExpeTune solution suite. ExpeTune is a stand-alone solution which is designed to work alongside Macro 4’s leading application performance solution, FreezeFrame.

Put simply, ExpeTune answers the questions ”which jobs should I look more closely at” and having looked at them, ”what should I do to improve them”?

  • ExpeTune helps organizations in two main ways to make their most important applications perform better.
  • It provides a wide range of performance analysis reports and identifies system and application areas that can benefit from tuning.
  • It provides a sophisticated rules-based expert system that takes the output from FreezeFrame and provides guidance to expedite and simplify problem determination.
  • It can monitor CICS transactions real-time and automatically initiate a performance observation if the transaction exceeds its threshold.
  • It offers a range of optional facilities for producing and processing data in the format used by SAS/MXG programs.

Through its Rules Engine, ExpeTune provides not only outstanding levels of analysis for a wide range of performance problems but also provides a sophisticated level of help in guiding the user to the most appropriate solution to the problem.

ExpeTune and FreezeFrame combine to provide the industry’s leading performance solution for all aspects of mainframe usage. This means that your organization can spend more time on improving its competitiveness and efficiency rather than trying to gather the data and expertise to examine performance problems.

ExpeTune is a key component of the ExpeTune Suite. The ExpeTune Suite which comprises the z/OS performance tools ExpeTune, FreezeFrame and ExpeTune DB, is one of the core parts of the Macro 4 Application Performance solution. ExpeTune itself provides a range of analysis, reporting and management features that can be used either standalone or in conjunction with the FreezeFrame solution to gain a detailed understanding of the performance of mainframe applications, infrastructure and systems.

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