Business documents today perform a critical role in every organization and the process by which they are delivered to the final recipient becomes more complex with the introduction of additional business applications and channels.  These channels might be anything from high volume printers and long term archives to web presentment and mobile devices.Â

Columbus Central provides a single rationalized architecture to support input from multiple systems and direct and manage the processing of documents into, out of and around the enterprise.
– Documents are automatically routed through the system according to business rules. These rules define the document workflows to be employed. They determine whether any services like splitting or formatting or printing or finishing need to be applied, and determine the applicable delivery channel based on customer preferences.
– Assured delivery to multiple channels, e.g. print, fax, email, web, archive, mobile devices, based on document content, business rules and customer preferences
– Ability to receive data from multiple host systems
– Provides visual tools for modeling complex workflows solutions and monitoring at runtime