Columbus Document Warehouse can either be deployed as an online document repository, or part of a broader solution to address:

– Archiving & Retrieval – a secure online alternative to traditional microfiche, tape or paper archives
– Legacy Data Migration – pooling legacy data for enterprise access without the overhead of data conversion
– Enterprise Report Management – the electronic distribution of reports throughout the enterprise
– Document-enabled ERP – providing ERP systems with access to all inbound and internally generated documents relating to all aspects of their operation, including financial transactions or  supply chain management processes
– Document-enabled CRM – providing CRM systems with a holistic view of customers through access to all inbound and internally generated customer documents
– Electronic Document Presentment – a fast-track B2B and B2C electronic document presentment solution Â

By providing fast, easy access to millions of documents via channels such as the Web, mobile technology, etc., Columbus DW is an efficient foundation for interaction between employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

Advanced compression technologies allow documents to be compressed by up to a tenth of their original size, enabling more than one billion documents to be stored on one server in their native format.