The market-leading Output Management software, Multi Channel Delivery Engine, assures the safe, timely arrival of business documents, regardless of the originating platform, document format or destination, be it print, e-mail, fax or any mobile technology.

It saves output management costs by minimizing output delays and helpdesk calls and by eliminating the need to ’hardwire’ links between applications and delivery channels.

It also simplifies output administration, while print-related data collection provides accurate accounting and statistics to monitor resources and optimize printer fleets.

Columbus Output Manager includes product modules that support different types of print output management environments, i.e. office printing; business-critical printing like SAP® ERP output processing or central production printing.

  • Bridges geographic and technical hurdles through assured delivery of information across a variety of platforms, applications and networks to any desired output channel such as printer, e-mail, Web, fax, etc.
  • Integrates with third party software to enhance their output management capabilities, including ERP applications, network management tools and proprietary print technologies
  • Manages the enterprise output from heterogeneous systems including legacy systems and client-server systems via a Graphical User Interface (GUI) or a Web User Interface (WUI)
  • Assures the delivery of documents to any device or system, managing and recovering from any failures automatically
  • In the event of device or network failure, print jobs will be automatically re-routed or missing pages reprinted.

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