Seamless integration with the rest of the Columbus suite, as well as more than 20 years of experience in mainframe-printing make Columbus Z and the mainframe an integral part of a document management infrastructure.

Columbus Z is an enterprise-wide output management solution for the mainframe that accepts and routes output across a heterogeneous environment including z/OS®, S/390®, VSE, UNIX and Windows. It is an easy to use and install application that allows users to send output to any device in a multi-platform environment.

Non-mainframe applications can make use of high-speed mainframe-attached printers, and vice versa: documents can be transferred off the mainframe to low-cost PCL printers. This reduces costs in new hardware purchases by utilizing existing network devices.

– Delivers JES, POWER and VM spool data to multiple channels
– Splits, bundles and merges documents, without the need to modify the applications that created them, or the original reports themselves
– Enables AFP documents to be printed on PCL printers by converting IBM AFP spool files and resources to PCL data streams
– Enables AFP and non-AFP printing on IPDS printers
– Merges AFPDS and resources into a fully composed AFPDS data stream e.g. for use by Emtex VIP
– Provides support for NATURAL on-line work files
– Interfaces to NATURAL/CICS and SAP® ERP applications