Build loyalty through personalized multi-channel interaction

It has never been easier for customers to switch allegiances than it is today. So it is vital to keep them loyal by providing a great customer experience – and that starts with great communications.

We help companies to improve the way they communicate with customers and to speak with one voice across all enterprise divisions and touchpoints.

A customer communications management solution from Macro 4 gives you the right tools to create and deliver personalized, relevant and timely communications that are optimized for every channel, from web and mobile messaging to print, email and social media.

Our Columbus customer communications management (CCM) software allows you to centralize control of all your information delivery processes and digital marketing assets.

You can determine exactly which documents and messages are sent to which customer, and when, using business rules. You can see at a glance whether communications have been successfully delivered, and take action if there’s a problem. And you can create new multi-channel communications simply by adapting the documents you already produce.

It couldn’t be simpler to transform the way you engage with customers. More on CCM, please visit: