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CLEVER Solutions from AES, span the mainframe and open systems world, providing powerful performance, availability, and deep dive diagnostic tools for the converged virtualized data center and cloud computing world. This results in details on key metrics to support business service delivery agreements.

What do the ultimate infrastructure performance solutions for the multi-architecture cloud enabled business offer?

  • Real-time intelligence
  • Analytical capabilities
  • Faster datacenter consolidation
  • Support for virtualized environments
  • Cloud services monitoring
  • Multi-architecture convergence readiness
  • IPv6 readiness
  • Increased mobile access

Do your current monitoring tools meet these demanding requirements?

Clever Mobile Advantage Solutions from AES are mobile apps with an edge.  AES led the industry with full browser interface to our products and today AES is leading the industry with a robust mobile interface that does more than just display information.  The new Clever Mobile apps, empowers employees to accomplish their work anytime, anywhere providing a rock solid mobile infrastructure for your mobile IT services.

Go Mobile with AES!  See our new Mobile solutions:

CLEVER® Solutions provide intelligent analysis in support of zEnterprise™ , z/OS® , z/VM® , AIX®, z/VSE™ , Linux on System z® , open systems Linux, and the Windows® environment.

AES can help your business become more agile and mobile!

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