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CleverView® for TCP/IP on Linux

The majority of IT departments are in the midst of redesigning their data centers.  This interest is driven primarily by the desire to reduce cost while simultaneously implementing the ability to support an increasingly virtualized, cloud enabled, and dynamic data center.

One of the most important characteristics of the contemporary data center is that an ever-increasing amount of the traffic is between servers, and a majority of these servers are Linux based.  As such, a critical goal of the next generation data center is to facilitate high availability and performance tuned server-to-server communications.

IT staff need access to server performance and availability details from not only their browser desktops, but also their cell phones, and they need a more concise way to view server status.

  • Focusing on consolidation and virtualization
    CleverView for TCP/IP on Linux ensures that Linux creates the promised unification and IT infrastructure robustness by monitoring Linux resources for availability, Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance, and effective utilization.
  • Reaping the most business benefits through Linux virtualization
    CleverView for TCP/IP on Linux monitors and supports the complexity of a virtualized environment through the use of a single tool. Data metrics are available in real-time, near-time, and historically for CPUs, Ports, Links, processes, and other critical resources.
  • Assuring Service Levels
    LinuxView is the focal point from which you can monitor the health of all Linux nodes while ProcessView provides the ability to interrogate run status. With real-time reporting and integrable alerting capabilities, CleverView for TCP/IP on Linux gives critical information for Linux functionality within the cloud environment.

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2013 tcpiponlinux