CleverView for TCP/IP is the mainframe IP workload and /traffic monitor that continues to set the pace, providing unsurpassed performance and availability monitoring.

CleverView for TCP/IP uniquely supports network traffic monitoring from z/OS®, z/VM® and Linux on System z® with OSAENTA trace support. This allows faster problem diagnosis across LPARs, thus improving service levels in virtualized environments.

CleverView for TCP/IP v8.3 offers the most comprehensive performance monitoring in the industry.

TN3270 Performance Monitoring using Interval-based SMF records (SMF 251, subtype 21), measures End-to-End (ETE) response time with the break-out of host SNA time and network IP time. The TN3270 Interval Performance Report conveys the daily TN3270 session response time information summarized by applications or application groups, monitor groups, and clients’ IP addresses or subnets.

The available TN3270 ETE support expands the existing application performance reporting provided by our Round Trip Time (RTT) reports for all TCP/IP transactions.

In addition, MXG support of CleverView for TCP/IP enables the production of additional Service Level Reports to measure customer satisfaction. Batch Service Level reporting also offers many canned historical reports for performance management.

It enhances Operations productivity with features like Event Manager Action and Grouping and Dynamic Configuration Changes Support.

In short, CleverView for TCP/IP provides:

  • TN3270 Performance Monitoring using interval-based SMF recording (SMF 251, subtype 21) to measure end-to-end response time, with break-out of host SNA time and network IP time.
  • TN3270 Interval Performance Reporting, providing daily TN3270 session response time information summarized by applications or application groups, monitor groups, and clients IP addresses or subnets.
  • Enhanced z/OS mainframe networking security for FTP with an online display of FTP session logon failures, as well as a historical summary.
  • TCP/IP Statistics Report provides historical details on TCP/IP key performance indicators.
  • DVIPA Monitoring captures/displays Dynamic VIPA information available from NMI application interface (and focused command support related to Dynamic VIPA), providing additional TCP/IP network workload balancing capabilities via the sysplex.
  • Dynamic Configuration Changes Support allows customization by dynamically altering some monitoring elements.
  • Event Manager Action & Grouping allows Operations staff to issue commands in direct response to alerts.
  • Essential z/OS system-wide system message capture with filtering and alert capabilities using Event Manager. Alerts can be forwarded to the MVS Console, NetView, SNMP Manager, and email notification.
  • Facilitated OSAENTA Trace Generator allows you to Start/Stop OSA-Express Network Traffic Analyzer (OSAENTA) traces.
  • Customizable and comprehensive real-time, near-time, and historical views of your TCP/IP network performance, removing the need for additional reporting tools or learning new scripting languages.
  • Intelligent alert generation and easy integration with MVS console, NetView, SNMP Manager, and email notification options.
  • Minimized overhead, avoiding requirements for continuous trace data collection and/or gathering redundant z/OS MIB data.
  • State-of-the-art servlets technology requiring no client code and no additional hardware or software, and eliminating potential security risks inherent with a proprietary architecture.

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